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1/29/2005 5:18:05 PM
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Summary FreeTextBox can load any language. Use Localization to support your language

Languages.xml contains lists all the language resources natively supported by FreeTextBox. To use a langauge, set the Language property of FreeTextBox to the desired local (ex. hu-HU for Hungarian).

The way the localization works is:

1 - FreeTextBox first loads English (en-US) from an internal resource to populate all the needed values. This file contains all values used by FreeTextBox.

2 - FreeTextBox will then look for a physical language file correspoding with the selected language. For example, if Language="es-ES", FreeTextBox will look for "[SupportFolder]/Languages/es-ES.xml".

2.1 - If there is no physical file, FreeTextBox will then look for an internal resource by the same name.

3 - If there is a valid language file in (2) or (2.1) then FreeTextBox will load all available values in place of the default en-US values. If a If a value is missing, the original (1) internal English value will be used.

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